Michael MarshallMichael Marshall is Vice President and General Manager at Marshall Tree Farm, a 450 acre
ornamental tree farm in north central Florida. His active participation in ISA leadership
began at the Florida chapter level as a graduate student, and over the past decade he has
served the Florida Chapter ISA as President, chair of Education and Conference committees,
and on the State Licensure committee.
He has served on the ISA Board of Directors since 2005 and has served on the Governance Task Force and Conference
and Events Committee. As a member of the Board of Directors Mike hopes to help strengthen ISA’s focus on professional
development and safety, uniting a diverse international community of arborists, and working to educate the average person
about the value of professional arborists in maintaining the trees that are essential to a healthy environment. Mike enjoys
working with teams to solve problems and he has the ability to see the big picture, while still retaining attention to details.
Mike’s experiences on the ISA Board and with the Governance Task Force have given him a complete understanding of
ISA, its membership, and the importance of a Strategic Board to guide ISA into the future.
He has been actively involved with the ISA since joining in 1997 because he believes in the mission of the ISA and wants
to help further that mission. Arboriculture is more than an industry, for many people it is a life dedicated to the promotion
and care of something that they have a deep appreciation for – trees. Michael truly believes this industry is unique in the
passion of our members towards the industry and the trees we grow and care for. He is passionate about our industry and is
a motivated and capable leader who is committed to serving the ISA and its worldwide membership.
Michael received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Environmental Horticulture in 1994 and a Masters of Science degree
in Environmental Horticulture in 1997 from the University of Florida. His Masters research focused on tree transplanting
and establishment methods. Michael continues to be active in tree research and education by partnering with the University
of Florida on research projects at the family tree farm and by working with industry groups on educational programs
throughout the year. Michael regularly speaks to groups throughout the Southeastern United States about tree production,
tree quality, and grades and standards for trees.

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