How to purchase, view and complete a course

  1. Purchase
    1. Log in if you have an account. If not, an account will be created when you checkout.
    2. You can examine all course offerings by selecting “Courses and Instructors from the main menu. You can view all courses or select course only for your specific organization. Choose the course you are interested in and click on the title or the image.
    3. To Click on the Red Button with the course name and price. The screen will refresh and you can either conitinue shopping or click on view cart. If you have navigated away from the page that has the “View Cart” button, you can use the “Cart” selection in the main menu under “My Account”.
    4. Verify the information is correct on the cart screen and then click “Proceed to Checkout”.
    5. The checkout page will automatically have all of your information if you are logged in. If you do not have an account, fill in the required information and an account will be created for you. A password will be assigned and emailed to you.
    6. “Click on proceed to PayPal” and complete the payment in the PayPal system.
    7. When payment is complete, you will be returned to the Distance Learn Pro website.
  2. Open your Course
    1. Click on “My Account” in the main men and choose “My Courses”.  Click on the Course you are interested in.
    2. To see Courses that you have completed, choose the “Completed Courses” tab. You can also print a certificate from this screen.
    3. Right after the purchase, you can also get to your course from the thank you screen that appears after you purchase. Just use the link to the course at the bottom pf the page
  3. View and complete the course
    1. After opening the course per above, There will be a page describing the course. Under the course description is the lessons section. Most of our courses have only one lesson, but all needed lessons for the course are displayed. Click on the “Start Lesson: image next to lesson description.
    2. The lesson will automatically begin, and a countdown timer will be displayed. If you navigate to another window, or do anything that places the lesson in the background, the timer will stop and you will need to restart.
    3. After the lesson is complete, the timer will be replaced by a “View the Lesson Quiz” button. The “quiz” is used to collect your needed information so that we can notify the governing body that you have completed the lesson. There is also a very short satisfaction survey attached to the “quiz”. There are no right or wrong answers.  The only way to fail a question is to leave it blank. Be sure to enter all required info exactly as it appears on your license.
    4. You will receive a notice that the course has been completed after we have notified the governing body.

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  1. Richard Tindell November 2, 2015 at 5:46 pm #

    Both very informative and painless! Great job!

    Thank you

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