Specifying Your Way in to Court; Utilizing Your Landscape Notes Course #0010362

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DESCRIPTION:   Landscape architects have become lucrative targets for lawsuits involving negligence.  The primary source for the attorney suing you to discover your legal exposure is your landscape design and specifications including illustrations.  You are the author of a binding legal contract the moment your client and the installer sign an agreement after the bidding process is completed.  Your specificity shall be examined closely and you will suffer negative consequences and outcome when mistakes, errors and omissions are discovered.  This course is designed to make you aware of the common and typical mistakes made by landscape architects one offering their landscape plan and accompanying specificity.  This is not a course that offers to you any legal advice.  The author of this course is not an attorney and is not qualified to provide legal advice.  Should you need legal advice or wish to better protect yourself from litigation seek the services of a qualified attorney to assist you.